Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Find My Chauffeurs at The Airport?
Our chauffeurs are always waiting inside the terminal, next to the “chauffeur meeting point” on the ground level. They will be holding the name sign on a placard.
Do You Keep Track Of Any Flight Delays?
Yes, we do monitor the flights, in case of any delays.
Do You Charge Extra for The Flight Delays?
Our chauffeur will keep track of your flight and we will be there at your service no matter how long your flight gets delayed by and we won’t charge any extra for this.
What Is Your Cancelation Policy?
First, we need a formal written email from you for all the cancellations, to our Customer service email: For airport transfer, we are asking for 24 hours’ notice; for Melbourne pickups, we require 6 hours’ notice.
If I Cancel My Booking, Do I Still Get Charged?
If your booking is Cancelled without following our cancellation policy, the full amount will be charged.
What If I Can’t Get Hold of My Chauffer?
Please ring our customer service number on

1300 558 459

Do You Provide Babe/Booster Sits?
Yes, we do, We charge extra $10 per seat per transfer.
Is Your Car and Chauffer Fully Licensed?
Not only our cars and chauffeurs are fully licensed, but also completely accredited by CPVV (Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria).
Can't Find What You Are Looking For?
If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email:, or give us a call on 1300 558 459.

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