Top 5 Luxury Chauffeur Cars that People Love to Hire in Melbourne

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Written BySandy Sudan

December 17, 2016

Luxury is the way of living royal and its manifestation is found in the choice of your luxury car. The drive that turns back all the heads is the luxury drive. Who doesn’t want to stand out among the crowd of best? It is the prestige that you shine out with the lavish cars and it makes you feel out of this world. Be ready to get into the dilemma again to choose the best luxury car. The ride with luxury is on this year and here we have the top five luxury Chauffeur cars that people love to hire.

Lamborghini Aventodor

Top 5 Luxury Chauffeur Cars that People Love to Hire in Melbourne

Are you wondering what catches the popped up eye balls on the road, it is none other than all time graceful Lamborghini Aventodor. It has the incredible design and shape that sets edge over the other luxury cars and stands out. It’s first appearance distinct out it on the road and gives you a royal voyage. The model has 515kW V12 engine placed behind the cabin. The style and elegance is something that it has heralded from its previous generations and what set it distinct are the more controlled features. It has tightening emissions and fuel consumption restrictions.

Bentley Limousine

Top 5 chauffeur cars in melboune - Bentley Limousine

The wedding day is the most memorable day of life and what can set the ambiance more exotic than a lavish Bentley Limousine. It is incredible features and appearance that holds the grace of wedding day. It is equipped with finest luxury wedding care services. It has all the luxury features of to accommodate large number of people and has the lavish ambiance that charms up the day.

Hummer Stretch Limo

Top five Luxury cars - Hummer Stretch Limo

Are you planning to go for a family picnic or thinking to get along together for wedding in a limo? Well carry on your plans as we have here Hummer Stretch Limo that is one of the best wedding car in Melbourne. The startling feature of this luxury wedding car hire is its sitting capacity that ranges from 14-16. Wonder how it would feel to have such a huge company in a luxury car and your royal entrance to the venue.

Journey with Ford Fairlane LTD Limo

Most hired luxury cars In melbourne - Ford Fairlane LTD Limo

Ford Fairlane LTD Limo is the common name when it comes to hire a luxury car for long journeys. You can enjoy having on the way luxury parties in the fleet. It is equipped with latest technologies that set it high on the demand list. Considering the technicalities, it has 4 speed automatic speed transmission along with 12 sitting capacity.

Mercedes Benz

Chauffeur Car Services - Mercedes Benz

The name is enough of Mercedes when we think about luxury cars. The model of Benz series has the two turbine engines, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, child seat sensor and a lot more to expect while having the royal journey. It is best to attend corporate meetings and attends important events that will mark your standards with luxury. Mercedes-Benz has its different models on the floor this year all set to flaunt on roads.

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