Who Are Safer Drivers, Men or Women?

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It might be a controversial question; however, in the debate on who is a safer driver between men and women, the question still stands imposingly. Today, people can’t really joke about the non-existence of female drivers as women are obtaining a more positive and impressive image of being safer drivers than men.

According to the statistical report, about 52% of the women population hold a driver’s license in Australia, but it’s the men drivers who have been overrepresented in road accident cases where casualty and injury cases are notified. This can be a dominating fact why the position for female professional drivers for chauffeur car in Melbourne is getting high in number. Although evidence is on the female driver’s side, let’s take a closer look at various factors to establish which gender is a safer driver and makes for a reliable chauffeur position.

How do the driving test and driving style play a critical role?

As per the federal rules and regulations, every automobile driver has to take a driving test and pass in order to hold a license and legally drive across the road. It can be seen that above 94% of males pass their driving test on their first or second attempt in comparison to 91% of females. The difference can be a bit peculiar considering a higher rate of women passing the theory test at the first attempt than men.

This suggests that females get through the road rules more seriously than their male counterparts. In the majority of cases, women take a few attempts in order to pass their driving tests, and many states this characteristic during the initial stage of their driving period makes them better drivers. It can be seen that private and commercial sectors are adding female chauffeur car in Melbourne into their team.

When we consider the driving style, there is a noticeable difference between both men and women. It is quite possible to recognize a woman or man’s driving by the style itself. The substantial differences can be analyzed with vehicle acceleration, speed, braking force, gas pedal pressure, lane departure, steering angle, etc. Usually, men are quite popular with aggressive driving as they make speeding and sharp acceleration, but women are more associated with anxious, dissociative, and patient driving styles. These factors can be critical for avoiding risky driving scenarios.


Car insurance reports

It might seem like the insurance companies were already aware of the knowledge that women drivers are safer on the roads. Numbers on the statistical reports can prove that women do pay lower car insurance premiums than their male counterparts. Most insurance companies consider women to have low risk on the road as the majority of the time, women drivers make fewer insurance claims, get involved in less serious collisions, or make fewer traffic violations. Many even specifically book for female chauffeur car in Melbourne. The majority of the time, men who are on those reports tend to claim more insurance for driving more aggressively and at high speeds more recklessly.

Choice of cars

The factor of choice of car can be a difficult aspect to contemplate as it depends on the status of the women. There is no evidence that women only choose to drive safe cars and men big cars. However, if you consider the financial condition of the women, the result can be seen that women choose to ride various kinds of cars. Most services for chauffeur car in Melbourne are now hiring female drivers as they can drive a variety of cars. Women with children majorly tend to drive large SUVs for more safety criteria. The RACV can tell you which gender prefers which model of car.

The impact of age on causing risk on the road

It can be a plausible argument for considering young men and women pose more road risks than older people. Many official statistical reports have shown that age can be a significant factor in rising risks on the road. However, the age factor doesn’t change the ratio between women and men’s deaths and injuries in the road accident rate. Setting apart these factors, study experts have stated that there can be some gender differences that can be present associated with driving errors as well as overall driving performance. In conclusion, although women drivers are statistically suggested to be safer drivers, there is no means for one to easily change their gender. But to say gender does not matter, you can take teenagers as an example who have been getting involved in accidents or near misses due to distractions while driving, such as using cell phones, playing music, or others. But to avoid being a risky driver, one can choose to have a safer vehicle, comply with the road rules, etc. For any formal or informal events, you can reliably call for a female chauffeur car in Melbourne for a safe driving experience.

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