Top 10 foods that you must try in Melbourne

If you are traveling to Melbourne then, here are the top 10 foods that you must try there.


This dish looks more like pasta. Paccheri is basically the thick tubes. This delicious food is a mixture of Cantonese Chee Cheong fun that is strewn with nubs of Crystal Bay prawn meat and finally grounded in tomato and sorrel purees. Everything is just rubbed with the prawn oil to enhance the aroma and taste of this dish.

pork chop

Pork chop:

An amazing Pork chop is properly cooked. It is cooked to just-pink color and then properly rested before chopping it into pieces.

Where to try? If you want to try the best Pork Chop in Melbourne then, go to Chin Chin. You can enjoy delicious Pork Chop for just $28.50. You are served Pork Chop is served with meaty oyster mushrooms and fragrant holy basil. This accentuates the taste of this dish.

Bonegilla Souvlaki:

 If you want to try a twist in kebabs then, Bonegilla Souvlaki is your take. This is a double meat combo which includes charred, fluffy flatbread. This bread is stuffed with hot chips, juicy hunks of lamb shoulder and rotisserie chicken. To raise the taste of this food, it is dashed with mustard, parsley, and tangy caramelized onions.

Corned beef brisket & potato hash:

If you want to try a quick brunch then, corned beef brisket and potato hash is a must. This comes with shredded cabbage & leek, poached eggs. You are served grilled pita and Sriracha hollandaise.

Beef and Mushroom Pie:

You must try an amazing and super delicious Beef and Mushroom pie at Zumbo only in $5. All the ingredients used are fresh and of excellent quality. This is a wonderful, firm, flaky and buttery pastry. It holds plenty of meat chunks that come in dense mushroom-packed gravy that has a sweet earthiness.

Margherita Pizza:

If you love pizza and especially Margherita then, Melbourne offers tasty pizzas at every nook and the corner. A healthy, tasty pizza with a mixture of tomato base, fresh mozzarella, and basil.

Where to try? You can eat Margherita Pizza at 400 Gradi in just $22 approx.

Barbecue Meats:

Undoubtedly, Melbourne is known for its barbecue meats. Whenever you want to try Barbecue meat then, order a complete platter of it. You will get Peppery beef brisket, juicy and crisped half chicken, pork ribs, and house-smoked sausage.

Where to eat? Eat the best barbecue meat at Bluebonnet Barbecue, from $10 onward.

Fish dumplings:

is a mince of oily mackerel, ginger, coriander root, and chives. These are combined together in the thinnest white dinner jackets and put it in the shape of dumplings. You can enjoy both, steamed and fried fish dumplings.

Where to eat? Enjoy the best fish dumplings at ShanDong Mama for just $16.80.


Melbourne is known for its variety of bagels. Whether you are on a run or going for a road trip, you can pick bagels of your own choice.

Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcake:

This hotcake comes loaded with berries, maple syrup, cream, and seeds. This is fulfilling, delicious and a must try.

Melbourne is best enjoyed with good food, wine and plenty of places where you can enjoy every bit of your holidays. so, make sure that you enjoy every bit of it. So if you are planning to spent vacation in Melbourne you can easily enjoy these food. These foods are available in almost every restaurants. and chauffeur car is the best and hassle free way to travel to these places.

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