Never Forget to do these things on your Melbourne vacation

Written BySandy Sudan

November 8, 2017

Melbourne is one of the most favorited place especiallyby the youth. Located in Australia, the city is full of world class street art,cafes, museums and beautiful beaches.The funkiness can be felt in the thing that wandering on the city’s streets is one of the must to do thing here. City also has wine industry-
Never Forget to do these things on your Melbourne vacation

Yarra valley wine tour sticks to the top of the list of the first-time visitors. Perhaps, the second most populous city of Australia, Melbourne is worth cherishing in each of its aspect. Let us now prepare the list of “not to miss things when we plan to visit the City.

10 must to do things when you are at Melbourne

Walking through Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market - Chauffeur Car melbourne

It is an outdoor market and city’s major attraction. It is a mix of food and flea market. It comprises of a big food hall and has various food as well as small vendors. Vendors are mostly knick-knack vendors. Weekends are totally filled up and even the smallest of spaces get used for vending.

Chillax in the soothing environment of Botanic gardens

botanic garden melbourne

The city has royal Botanic Gardens which spread over the area of 86 acres. It gardens over a thousand varieties of flora, trees, shrubs from all over the world. You may spend your time relaxing as you walk down the garden or get a free guided walk too. A self-guided audio tour is also available for the visitors from the main centre for serving the visitors.

Take the Yarra valley wine tour

yarra valley wine tour

It is one of the most amazing experiences you may have here. Wine tours are pretty much popular in the city. The Mornington Peninsula which has more than 40 wineries is very well-known wine producing region. The area is located about 45 minutes from the Melbourne City. Also, wine tours to Yarra valley are the most visited ones. Day trips here will cost you around $140-200 AUD (a round trip from Melbourne), though spending a night is suggested.

Sunset on beach

Sunset in Melbourne - Top 10 places to visit

If you’re also a sit in peace person than this is just perfect for you. The scenic beauty of the sunset at the beach is a mesmerizing experience. Remember to carry jacket as it starts getting colder after the sunset. St. Kilda beach is the perfect sunset point since it faces west so you may actually witness some wonderful sunset scenes.

Ride the city circle tram

city circle tram - Melbourne Places To Visit

It is the must to trything. It isa means for free transportation which is especially designed for passing through Melbourne’s sightseeing places. The places include Federation Square, the Princess Theater, the Old Treasury Building, Parliament House. You may hop on and off while on the ride on Melbourne sightseeing attractions. The running recorded commentary in the tram facilitates the know-how of the places having historical, architectural or cultural significance.

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A trip to Phillip Island


You may also hire Private drivers Melbourne for this trip. The distance can be covered in few hours from the main city. It majorly attracts the crowd for relaxing beach time, thus, it is a hub for many locals at the weekend. It has koala sanctuary which hosts the nightly penguin parade which means you may watch thousands of penguins coming back to their nests from the sea here.

State library of Victoria

State Library of Victoria

With an average yearly footfall of 2 million people, the library is located at 328 Swanston St, Melbourne. The library is over 160 years old (established in 1856). It has a rich collection of over 3 million books including serials. Library hosts a number of city events which include paid as well free events, free tours, exhibitions, talks and lectures and much more. If you are literature fan like me than the collection of hundreds and thousands of artefacts, maps, manuscripts is not a miss at all.

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Take the street art tour

Street art Tour melbourne

City is enriched with world class street arts. Street art tour will cost you approximately $69 AUD which includes drinks and cheese at the end of tour. This might seem pricey but it actually is a contribution to support the local artists. You will realize why this tour attracts artists round the globe when you visit here once.


The list enclosed above is about reviving the moments of youth like craziness and enjoying each moment. The place is visited by youth as well as families since the prevailing culture in the city is worth experiencing and every penny. While couples wander in city buses, families often choose to hire Private drivers Melbourne for more convenience. You cannot resist yourself from vacating at Melbourne again and again- is a common feedback received by the visitors of the city. The city welcomes you like it is your home and make you comfy in each and every manner. Have a happy Melbourne Vacation!

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