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Written BySandy Sudan

June 15, 2017

If your ceaseless footsteps crave for some heavenly encounter, pack your bags and head to this divinely pure stopover in Melbourne and relish your taste buds by taking yarra valley wine tours in winery tours Melbourne. With its fascinating beauty, soothing climate, safe and lively vibes make it one of the most sort out tourist destinations. Australia boasts its 2400 wineries spread over 65 wine regions that unfolds 100 grape varieties securing 30 million glasses of Australian wine. Moreover, its wine conglomerate are the best venues to taste a wide variations of award- winning wines exclusively offered by these wineries. Let us walk through these wine trails and explore Australia’s regions.

1) Dominique Ported

Exotic Winery Tour Melbourne

For devouring that delightful pleasure of wine Dominique Portet is the perfect place to be. You can also be a part of the guided tours which adds more stars to this exclusive part of berry-driven summery blend of Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet sauvignon. The captivating decor and its well complimented landscape featuring its local trait is truly a must visit while in Melbourne.

2) De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate

de bortoli Yara Valley Estate

Winery tours Melbourne are very popular among tourists venturing in Australia. This amazingly crafted winery unveils the hidden secrets of its vintage collection. If you want to savor some local cuisines here, the restaurant, Locale ensures to make your experience one of the best that could be retched in your memory forever.

3) Coldstream Hills

Coldstream Hills Vineyards and Ponds

Dominated by berry flavors, this place will spread some perfectly blended tastes of refreshing cherry, raspberry and tinge of spice creating supernova of flavors for the wine lovers. Chardonnays are must try here. Yarra valley wine tours push all the bars up for an unforgettable rendezvous that you cannot afford to miss in winery tours Melbourne.

4) Tarrawarra Estate

Coldstream Hills

The splendor of Tarrawarra Estate surrounded by the lush green meadows is well known for its exclusive produce of chardonnay and pinot noir. The testing room and the Single Block and Reserve ranges encompasses the richness and abundance of this Estate. So, get drenched in the sun soaked landscape of yarra valley wine tours and winerytours inMelbourne to get the ultimate slip away in the best winery of Australia. You can also sip and swirl around the vintage Cellar Door that makes it more mystical and overwhelming.

5) Domaine Chandon

Domaine-Chandon Estate

This wine pioneer greets its guests with fascinating wines and henceforth is also known as ChampagneChadon. The sprawling green space with its outstanding combination of wine and snacks are quite alluring to the tourists. There are some options to make your visit unforgettable and that is by enjoying the fine dining here along with glistening glasses of your favorite wine. So, if you are in Melbourne do not miss the yarra valley wine tours.

6) Mornington peninsula

Mornington Peninsula Tour

This winery spreads a green rolling carpet to welcome the visitors. This spectacular wine paradise offers some of the intoxicating flavors of wine that is impossible to get anywhere else. The tasting experience is varied and you definitely get a glimpse pf luxury intertwined with the gorgeous backdrop of vast green space. You can hang out in the tasting room and share their expertise adding some insights into this unique experience.

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Geelong Wine Region

Geelong Wine Reason

Tucked between the sea beaches and diverse sub-regions Geelong Winery offers some incredible wine varieties. This popular destination allows you to meet the makers and celebrate the best of the Geelong wine region at the annual Toast to the Coast organized in October/ November. It is oneof the largest grape growing estate in Victoria that proudly carries the heritage along with 40 cellar doors open for tasting from a diverse range of wines.

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